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Practice Areas:
Lodgement and Prosecution of Patent, Utility Model, Industrial Design and Trademark Applications, Licensing, Renewal and Search Services.

Dr. Yuri V. Polyak. Founder. Patent & Trade Mark Attorney. Education: In 1966, degree as a Dr. of Physics and Mathematics Science . In 1987, degree as a Patent Supervisor from Moscow University for Patent Attorneys, Russia; six-month course for Science and Technical Works Methodology. Experience: more than 25 years of patent law and litigation experience. Former Director of Patents for Nuclear Physics Institute, Uzbekistan. Practice Areas: specialized in physics and electronics, engineering as well as in licensing and in conducting patent.

Larisa K. Panfilova. Patent Agent and Partner. Education: M.Sc.(physics) Uzbekistan, Tashkent State University 1962. Head of Patent Department of RADIOPREPARAT company. Experience: more than 20 years of patent and trade mark law experience. Practice Areas: specialized in Radioisotope Devises, Radio-pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and physics.

Aleksey V. Bochkarev. Managing Partner, counsellor. Education: M.Sc. (physics) Uzbekistan, Tashkent State University 1990. For six years he worked as a research physicist at "Department of Heat Physics" and "Scientific & Research Institute for Spacecraft Engineering". Since 1996 year he was involved in DAEWOO Telecom Ltd., projects. He practices in many fields of physics and electronics and all matters related to the telecommunication and computer science. Languages: Russian & English.

Fields of Specialization:
Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunication, Software, Instruments (detectors, devices and methods applied in technique, medicine, agriculture and geology, based on radio, infrared, visible, UV, gamma ray and charged particles radiation), Radioisotope Devises, Radio-pharmaceuticals, Devices for Physiotherapy and Diagnostics, biology & chemistry in collaboration with associates.

Fax.: + 998 71 268 45 27

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